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Please answer the following questions in 2-5 minutes, questions with a * have to be answered in your video.

1. *What would you do if you knew a fellow co-worker was stealing?

2. *Do you consider giving your best friend a free drink stealing?

3. *How would you handle a dissatisfied customer towards the food?

4. What do you know about our restaurant/property/company?

5. If one customer was tipping and another customer was not tipping would you still serve them?

6 *Do you enjoy talking to people regardless of your mood?

Can you give me an example?

How would you go about making a customer feel welcome in our restaurant?

*Have you ever worked with a POS system?

*Are you a regular at any other restaurant or bar?

How would you handle multiple demanding customers?

*Do you think you should be able to drink on the job?

*If a customer tells you they will give you a bigger tip for pouring more then the standard, what do you do?

What is the most difficult situation you have faced with a customer and what was the outcome? How would you handle it differently?

How would you diffuse a situation with an upset intoxicated customer?

How do you feel about the philosophy of the customer always being right?

*How would you define a successful server, cook, bartender, dishwasher?

Explain a time when you went beyond the call of duty.

How did you fill downtime at your last job?

What situations kept you from fulfilling your job duties or from coming to work on time at your last job?

*Do you think you should split tips?

Priorities often change suddenly throughout the day. If you are asked to quickly do another task, how does that affect your mood?

What if it's the third time before noon?

*How have you responded in the past when you found another employee was stealing?

How have you responded in the past when your replacement calls in sick and a substitute will take over an hour to come in?

Give an example of when you did something without being asked.

*If you joined our team, how would you help make it a successful place?

*What about your character makes you a good candidate for this job?

*What do you think a new restaurant and bar should have or what is needed in Vermillion?

*Tell us about yourself.

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